QUALITY pie and mash

Sainsy's Pie and Mash aim to serve the residents and shoppers in the heart of Essex the very traditional dish of pie, mash and liquor.

Using a recipe that's still being used by the same family for over 120 years, with the finest ingredients and each pie being made by hand, this makes Sainsy's pie and mash a cut above the rest. Sainsy's Pie and Mash

Vegetarian food

At Sainsy's Pie and Mash we understand that just because a person chooses not to eat meat this doesn't mean that they should miss out on one of London's greatest dishes.

Come and try our special vegetarian Pie, Mash and Liquor! Open every day at Lakeside Shopping Centre

Old meets new

Come and eat in the modern surroundings of Lakeside Foodcourt. Enjoy London's oldest and most popular dish of pie and mash.

There's liquor if you want it or gravy if you don't.

And of course some home made chilli vinegar!

Pie and mash with liquor at Lakeside Shopping Centre