About Us

Sainsy’s Pie and Mash specialise in the traditional dish of pie mash and liquor, using a recipe which has been in the same family for 120 years. Goddard’s Pies started their family pie and mash business in 1890. And now after four generations, Goddard’s Pies continue to thrive on their reputation delivering the finest quality hand made pies.

Through their eagerness and passion, we have come to an agreement that they will be my one and only supplier.

Pie History

“Eel Pie and Mash houses” have been around since the early 1800’s, the first ones opening in pre Dickensian and Victorian London. One of the major influences over the food tradition in London was the river Thames. The eels were caught out in the Thames estuary by local fisherman. Left over eel scraps were made into pies and sold on the jetty to the sailors. Hence the name ‘Eel Pie and Mash houses’.

They eventually opened these eateries and, with the different foods from all over the world coming in to the east of London, they developed meat pies and mash. The pies were made up of scraps of beef and vegetables then baked in under a pastry crust. The mash potato was liberally covered in a parsley sauce or ‘liquor’.